Joe Verrone

Digital Media Producer

I'm Joe Verrone, a digital media producer living in the Philadelphia area.

I attended technical school for multimedia design, and after graduation, I started my career as a web assistant in Philadelphia. Swiftly climbing the ranks, I transitioned to a web designer role, overseeing entire projects. With growing experience, I made the decision to venture into entrepreneurship, establishing a small web design and hosting business. Over the next few years, I dedicated my efforts to building brands for various clients.

Shifting my focus from web hosting to creative projects, I picked up photography and special effects makeup as hobbies, immersing myself in the visual arts through the lens and makeup artistry. Currently, I am actively involved in crafting character makeups and designs.

I'm a Jack of all trades. I get it done.

Web Design
Graphic Design
Visual FX
Video Editing
Data Management

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